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On the road again… August 14, 2008

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That’s right, I’m traveling again!  Ok, so it’s not like I went anywhere exotic, we just came home for a few days!  Home as in home town that is.

Side-note:  The word home can be really confusing.  I’ve made a home in Ellensburg with my husband and I do really consider that home.  I’m comfortable and I love it 🙂  On the other hand, I still consider Vancouver home, and I probably always will.  After all – I’ve spent the majority of my life here!  And my parents are here…  Then there is the confusion of “home” as in “place you sleep at night that your comfortable.”  While we’re both down here Mo and I are staying at his parents house.  Well, last night I was over at my parents house and I went to say good-night to my Mom and I said, “Well, I should be getting home…” and then stopped all confused!  It didn’t help that I was really tired…

Ok – back to the main blog:

Mo’s only down here for a couple of days.  His friends Frogg and Brandie are getting married tonight and that’s the main purpose of our visit.  He has to go back on Saturday.  I’m going to stay for a few more days, more time to visit with people, and then head back on the bus probably next Thursday.

We drove down yesterday and it was a busy day of packing and preperation, driving (which Mo did), dinner with our combined families, I went to visit Mel (who’s also home for a visit), over to my Mom’s house to see her new kitchen (which is awesome!), and then finally back here to crash.  I was soooo tired by the time I got back here!  I’m still rather tired and I have a headache -maybe I’ll get a nap this afternoon before the wedding.  We’ll see!


Trip Journal – Day 2 Part 2 – The Dark Knight. (no spoilers) July 26, 2008

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My brothers 22nd birthday and the premier of the Dark Knight were the same day!  Since we were both in LA for the big party we decided to take off and go out on a brother/sister date.  My Grandparents tend to take a nap in the afternoons anyway so we took off while they were asleep and had a grand old time 🙂  It was my birthday present to him and I went all out.  Popcorn – rootbeer – everything.  I practically had to sell my firstborn child to finance it!  Not that I’ve had or am having a child anytime soon…

I won’t say anything that would spoil the movie for anyone – I’m  not mean like that – but I did really like it.  Gordon and I agree that it’s better than the first one.  A rarity.  I almost started crying half way through!  And I kept grabbing Gordon’s hand for comfort, poor kids hand hurt like crazy by the time we were done…

I’ve heard rumors they are talking about giving Heath Ledger and posthumous award for his role as the joker.  I’d say he deserves it.  This is one actor I’m really sad that he died…


Trip Journal – Day 2 – Part 1 – “I’m leaving on a jet plane…”

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In keeping with the rest of my trip so far, I managed to set my alarm that morning for 6 pm and not 6 am.  Smart eh? Fortunately we didn’t need to leave until a quarter to 7, and I woke up in time!  Unfortunately that meant I didn’t get a shower that morning.  😦  Oh well.

The flight was uneventful.  My seat-mate was a young man who slept the whole time.  He kept mumbling in his sleep which always startled me.  Other than that – it was fine!  I’ll take sleep mumbling over fat and smelly any day of the week.  I had great plans for things I wanted to work on during the flight, but I was so tired (even after a Grande Latte) that I just read for the entire flight.  Read most of the book too 😛  It was a nice and relaxing flight 🙂

No pictures there.  Sorry!

Daddy picked me up from the airport and apparently had a lot of fun trying to find his way through the maze of the Burbank airport.  Apparently they don’t mark things very well and he had a lot of trouble finding the baggage claim where he was supposed to meet me.  He was still there when I got off of the plane so that’s what matters right?  It was good to see him again!

He brought my back to my grandparents house and I hugged every body and then collapsed, insensate, in bed.  I slept like a baby for about an hour, and then Mom woke me up so I could shower, eat, and take off for the rest of my day!


Trip Journal – Day 1, Part 3 “Rebels are we”

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Thursday night the four of us, my PSS, SonofWoten, and my evil twin went into Portland and hung out at Kell’s.  Yes, that’s an Irish pub.  It was fun!  None of us drank very much (Irish coffee’s are gooooood), but we enjoyed the atmosphere, the live music, and being together 🙂  That’s what we were there for anyway 🙂

I love hanging out with those three. They are some of my favorite people!  I, being a space cadet, managed to forget my sweater inside the pub and SonOfWoten escorted me back to get it.  He’s such a gentleman!  He’s my adopted little brother, just as my PSS is my adopted sister, and he had quite a bit of fun being my escort 😀

I went “home” with my evil twin after that and crashed.  I was so tired!  My hour nap, and some caffiene, had carried me through the evening but I was exhausted!  I called my husband before bed and he didn’t let me talk for very long because he was insistant on my going to sleep.  He’s a good husband ya know 😀

Here’s the pics from that fun night – sorry – they are all fuzzy!


SonofWoten does not like pictures…

Evil Twins!

Yes – we are both evil.  I’m her evil twin and she’s mine.

Neither of us is good enough to be the good twin…

Two of my “adopted” siblings 🙂

So this picture doesn’t do it justice – but they have a really neat tradition at Kell’s.  The ceiling is magnetic and the waiters will wrap dollar bills around quarters and throw them at the ceiling!  Then, every St. Patricks day, they do a “sweep” to clean off the ceiling and the restaurant matches the donations and gives them to charity.  Cool eh?


Trip Journal – Day 1 – Part 1 – The False Intimacy of Travel

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(sorry it took so long to start updating this!)

Anyone who’s traveled much will tell you that sometimes complete strangers are bound together by temporarie comraderie as they venture down the same path side by side.  True, other times they remain completly aloof, silent and seperate, but even then they are bound together by the form of their travel.

I started thinking about all of this when I first got on the bus leaving E-burg.  It was a VERY full bus and I ended up sharing a set of seats with a young man who kindly rearranged all his stuff so I’d have a place to sit.  Considering my other option was an overweight man with his cigarette still dangling from his fingertips – I was pretty grateful!

Sitting there, with the pillow squished between my head and the window, I couldn’t help but think how strange it is that circumstances placed me hip to hip with a total stranger.  Had I been a giddy high school girl, and he my crush, I would have been estatic!  But I’m not.  I’m a grown woman who instead sat there missing my husband.  I know. Sappy eh?

My seat-mate and I were sitting across from this guy named Charlie.  Charlie was one of those guys who just had a need to spill his guts.  He’d been through a lot of hell recently, and he needed someone to share with.  That became us.

Charlie had lived a hard life.  18 years ago his wife left him and took the kids and he wasn’t able to find them for a very long time.  About 3 years ago one of his buddies found them and he tried contacting his ex-wife to get permission to see his kids.  She’s been rather psycho towards him in the past, even getting him thrown in jail on trumped up charges, so while he desperately wanted to see he his kids, he was also afraid of going down there if it was going to cause a world of trouble.  In the end, even though it broke his heart, he stayed away.

Fast forward to the present.  About a week he got a call from the buddy who’d originally tracked his family down.  His friend was frantic, telling him he needed to get up Montana (where his family was) as fast as possible.  Tragedy had struck.  Apparently Charlies son had a bad problem with Meth.  One day, crazy out his mind on drugs, Charlies son shot Charlie’s ex-wife, his youngest daughter, and tried to shoot the older daughter as well.  The older daughter survived, the ex-wife and younger daughter did not.  It was a devestating experience for Charlie.  He’s finally getting to reconnect with his children, now that one is dead, and one is going to jail. I didn’t blame him for needing to talk.

You know, you’d think with all the crazy stuff I’ve been through in my life I wouldn’t be surprised or schocked when I encounter people who have stories like this.  Yet, I found myself sitting there going, “This is like a story you’d read in a book or watch in a movie!”  It was so tragic and sad that it was hard to convince myself it was real. Yet, at the same time, I could see the pain in his eyes and I knew, I knew that he wasn’t pulling a fast one on us.

Charlie got off in Seattle – and with transfering busses I ended up with a new seat mate.  She was this hippy chick that was easy going, nice, and liked to swear.  I can filter that out though!  So I did 🙂  I had fun sitting with her until she got off in Tacoma.  I had my own seat for awhile, and then I ended up sharing with this teenager who was wearing a ton of that brightly colored plastic jewelry.

All in all I was pretty fortunate in my trip.  Nothing really went wrong and I sat next to nice people.  What else could I ask for?

Oh yes – and one photo from this portion of the trip 🙂  This guy was just chilling taking a break.  The gals around me and I were giggling at his hard hat while sitting amongst all that squishy stuff.  He waved to us!  Oh – and this is the Seattle Greyhound Station.