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Saturday Morning Wanderings… June 28, 2008

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I know, I know, I’ve been a bit of a bad girl.  First I post up a massive and depressive post, and then I don’t write anything for a couple of days.  Well, in my defense, I was taking a break from the computer.  I’ve spent very little time sitting here typing away on Jack (yes, I named my lap top) in the last two days.

Thursday I devoted a lot of energy into just plain getting things done.  I wrote myself out this long list of things I wanted to get done, and I got most of them done!  The only one I didn’t get done will probably be tackled today, so that’s fine too 🙂  Sometimes I need to throw myself into work so that I can deal with my own emotions.  Coping mechanism?  Yes.  Healthy?  Well, more healthy than curling up with a book and whatever junk food I can find.  As one of my dear friends reminded me, sometimes throwing ourselves into something completely unrelated to whatever it is we’re dealing with emotionally allows our subconscious time to work through the emotions.

Friday I mostly just took off.  I slept in (yummy!) and then curled up next to my hubby on the couch to watch cartoons and comedy central.  This quarter in school we’re not getting to see much of each other during the school week because we’re either gone for classes or one or the other of us is asleep!  So every moment we have together awake is pretty precious.  At least this is only a 6 week quarter 🙂

I had planned on only taking the morning off, but I ended up battling another migraine, so I guess my body decided it wanted more time off!  It wasn’t a super bad one, but it messed up my vision and my tummy.  Oh well.

The one thing I did get done yesterday afternoon was a field trip out to a Wind Farm.  I’ll probably post more about that later after I’ve had a chance to download the pictures Moses took and look through them.  He went with me since I hadn’t been feeling well, and he entertained himself with the camera.  I’m kinda excited to see what pictures he came up with 🙂

Over all I’m doing much better than the last time I’ve posted.  I still haven’t heard anything from Peter…but I’m dealing with it better again.  There are good days and bad days, that was a bad day, this is a good day.  Also…Gordon isn’t going to have surgery!  At least right now.  It’s been postponed at the very least and there’s a possibility he might not need to have it at all.  😀  So I’m doing MUCH better on that front!

I could probably come up with more random things to write about…but why bore you when I have things I should be working on? 😛  Have a good weekend all 🙂


Food for thought… June 19, 2008

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Sherman Alexie, a Native American (though he would say Indian) writer says in his essay, “The Unauthorized Autobiography of Me”:

“Poetry = Anger X Imagination”

From later on in the same piece he writes this:

“‘Sherman,’ asks the critic, “how does your work apply to the oral tradition.’

‘Well,’ I say as I hold my latest book close to me, ‘It doesn’t apply at all because I type this.  And I’m really, really quiet when I’m typing it.'”

I was fascinated by this piece before we ever read it for class, and I was just sucked in farther the more I read!  He has some fascinating stories and interesting lines in there.  I’m going to find more of his work to read when I have a chance…