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Those Random People… June 11, 2008

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You know those random people in your life that you end up with some sort of strange, tenuous, connection to even though their only a very minor part of your life?  You know, the barrista who knows your order without your asking, the random guy who you see on your way to class every day, or that grocery store employee that you run into all the time?  I’ve had a lot of those people in my life over the years.  Probably because I’m the type who will talk to you if you look even remotely friendly, and if you happen to be friendly in return, likelihood is we’ll end up having some sort of random conversation!

Well, this post is for those people 🙂

One of the random people in my life right now is known simply as “The Albertsons Guy.”  I’m sure he has a real name, but he doesn’t seem to remember to wear his name tag when I think to look for it, and I don’t remember to read it when he is wearing it!  Moses and I run in all the time as we run across the street to grab some milk or, like tonight, some chips.

The Albertsons Guy is REALLY friendly.  He always says “Hey there kiddo, how are you tonight?”  Whenever I come in.  I started teasing him about ALWAYS being there because it seems like, no matter when I go in, he’s always there.  He told me and Mo that they chain him to a cot in the basement.  Next time I saw him (the next night), I said, “Man, they really must chain you up in the basement!”  His response?  “Yup, right next to the Baby Ruth’s.”  I decided not to tell him my name.  I came home and told Mo all about it and got a huge grin out of him.  I now report any encounters with the Albertsons guy to Mo because we have fun laughing about it!

Mo and I have been going back and forth trying to decide how old the Albertsons guy is, because he always calls me kiddo.  Mo’s guess was minimum 26 because that would make him older than me.  I was guessing more the 20-23 range.  Well, I went across the street for chips tonight because I forgot them when I went shopping this morning, and there he was!  So I went up to him and said, “So I have a random question for you.”


“My husband and I are having a debate, how old are you?”

“I’ll let you guess first.”

“My husband is saying 26, I’m guessing 20-23.”

“Well your husbands closer to right, I’m on the older side, not 26 though, 1 year younger, 25.  I’ll be 26 in September.”

“Ah…Mo will be happy he won!  He was telling me you had to be older than I am.”

“So how old are you?”

“25, I’ll be 26 in November, so your older!  2months, but he was still right.  Have a good night!”

“You too!”

Like I said, I have random conversations with people.  I don’t exactly have a ton of inhibitions >_>.
I could tell you many more random stories about random people, but I think I’ll leave those for other days 😀