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Sleepy Morning Rambles September 16, 2008

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Not much exciting to report lately.  I’ve been trying to balance taking care of all the junk involved with getting ready to move – and trying to breathe.  In case you were wondering, yes, that’s a lovely combination to juggle 😛  This morning I’m all grumpy and under-motivated.  Why?  Who knows?  I actually slept well last night, a first in several days, so you’d think I’d be all bright and chipper!  Nope, I’m all “I don’t want to do ANYTHING.”

So – in an effort to ungrumpifiy myself – here’s a story for you!

Those of you who know me well know what my super-hero power is.  For those of you who may not know me as well…my super-hero power is the ability to hurt myself in new and entertaining ways!  No, it’s not from some sense of masochism.  I do NOT go around attempting to hurt my self – I just seem to stumble on weird ways – and then I’m often highly amused with myself…

Why do I bring this up?  Ahhh… your a smart reader 😉  Well, last night, I was getting myself some grapes.  Rather harmless occupation don’t you think?  I had this one big huge bunch and so I grapped a pair of scissors to cut off a smaller bunch.  Somehow, and I honestly am not sure how I pulled it off, I managed to include my finger in that nice, quick, snip.  It’s not a bad cut – just stung like anything.

Reactions to this small event were varied.  I was sucking on my finger while looking for a bandaid, occasionally pulling my finger out of my mouth to comment to Mo, “Mo! I hurt myself again!”  Mo was trying to figure out what on earth I was using scissors for in the first place.  He even went so far as to pull me into the kitchen and demonstrate how you can simply pull the bunches apart with your hands!  He couldn’t stop laughing at me.  My brother, when appraised of this event via instant messaging, wanted to know why on earth I had hurt myself AGAIN and why Mo was amused instead of mad at me 😛

Pulling off the bandaid this morning it looks like the skin is already re-knitting itself together.  There’s a nice little bruise though that hurts when touched or when I bend my finger too far.

See? Less grumpy already – I knew that would work!

Oooo – and if I can manage to stay feeling good – I’m going to go see my friend Jayna tonight!  I haven’t seen her all summer and we really wanted to get together before I move away and leave her here 😦


My Super-Hero Power August 6, 2008

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Those of you who know me best know that my super-hero power is the ability to find new and entertaining ways to hurt myself.  Well…entertaining for everyone else.  Last week I added to that list.  Ok, so the event itself wasn’t that entertaining, but the timing was!

So what happened?  I was walking up some stairs, tripped, and came down really hard on my right wrist.  The docs thought it might be broken so I’ve been wearing a cast-like splint ever since!  I’m waiting to hear back today from the second set of x-rays.  My doc didn’t see anything but we need the official radiologist report before I can graduate down to a normal brace.  I’m really looking forward to that call!  I’m sick of this thing.  Especially because my thumb is incased…  I want my thumb back!

I’m sure you want to hear about the irony.  Well – this all happened four days before our first craft show here in Ellensburg.  It  was supposed to be my week of creating jewelry like mad – my time to focus on the business since school was out – and that all was for naught.  Instead I spent the week watching movies and reading books.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both of those past-times, but it was hard when I had so much else I wanted to do!

The good news is my PSS joined me for the weekend.  Because of her I was still able to do the craft show.  She was my pack-llama!  We had lots of fun girly time over the weekend and my dear husband was marvelous in how well he put up with us!

Over the last two days my wrist is finally starting to feel like its healing.  I can type without pain – and I’m thinking I might be able to get some cleaning and organizing done today.  And maybe – if I’m very lucky – I’ll get to make some simple jewelry 🙂

Oh yes!  Another reason my PSS is simply awesome – she bought me Breaking Dawn!  The newest book in the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer.

It was fantastic.  I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to give away anything I shouldn’t for those of you still waiting to read it – but I will say I loved it!  I had so many questions on how she was going to resolve different matters in this book, and I think she answered all of my questions satisfactorily.  At least…I don’t remember any questions being left over 😛  That is always a good thing!  I look forward to seeing what else she comes up with in the future 🙂

In fact – if the book hadn’t come in the mail yesterday I proably would have posted yesterday – but I was too engrossed in the 756 pages of fun to do anything else!