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A monster is unleashed… June 4, 2008

A monster? Ahhh!!!! Where????

Oh, yes, right in front of you. Gotcha.

That’s right, I mean ME.

Ok, so the pictures a little old, but you get the idea.

So why am I calling myself a monster? I guess it’s less that I am a monster, and more that I’ve unlocked interests inside me that are running rampant like monsters unleashed!

Monster #1 – etsy & jewelry
Yes, that’s right, I’m officially addicted to and creating jewelry. I have so many ideas I want to try when it comes to creating! I also find myself spending lots of my down time browsing etsy, reading articles, and participating in the forums and virtual labs. There’s a part of this that’s self-interest, the more “visible” you are the more likely you are to get a sale from one of your fellow sellers. Also, I learn a LOT that way!

Monster #2 – blogs
I used to be a blog freak. I had multiple friends whose blogs I read regularly. Somewhere along the lines that slowly decreased, and shriveled up to near nothing when I jumped from livejournal over to myspace. I still blogged, but I didn’t have very many people who also blogged on a regular basis that I was reading anymore. What can I say? I was busy! Lately however, I find myself reading and writing blogs on a much more consistent basis.

Part of that is that, due to health problems, I no longer have a real job. Yah, I’m starting a business, going to school, and volunteering, but I’m not punching the clock anymore. More time for me to read 😀

Part of that is that the library here is SMALL so I don’t have as many interesting books to read…and I’m trying not to spend money on books very often…

Part of this is due to being drawn to the dark side by my dear friend Quettandil who blogs on here and got me started blogging on here 😛

Part of this is I’ve started searching for and reading blogs of other artists….

And lastly, part of this is a quest to get more in touch with that side of me that I’ve always wanted to develop, the writer.  I’ve been doing a lot more writing in the last few months (I started a book! Talk about audacity) and I think the exercise of finding something to write about every day is healthy.  I’m also taking creative writing this summer, which I’m really excited about!  Blogging through wordpress gives me the freedom to not only write about whatever is on my mind, I also love the creative freedom it gives me to insert pictures and links and whatnot.  I find it inspiring.

Monster #1 meets Monster #2 – jewelry blog?

I’m quite seriously thinking about starting a jewelry blog.  I have multiple reasons for wanting to do this.  One, I find myself writing about it quite often in here.  Two, a lot of sellers use their blogs as a way to promote their work and to share a piece of themselves with their customers.  I’d love to do that, but I’d rather not have the link I feature in my shop be a link to my personal blog where I write about the rest of my life.  Three, I could use it to keep track of the blogs from other artists and then I wouldn’t be putting them on the same blog roll as friends and just interesting people in general.

That, however, will be a project for another day.  Between not feeling good and procrastination (something I’m almost as good as my husband at) I’m hitting the wire for needing to finish up this quarter.  Hard to believe I’m not done with Spring quarter yet!  I have a paper I need to finish editing (in Spanish, yikes!), a notebook to organize (shouldn’t take long) and a test to prepare for (not that I’m worried about it).  It’s all due tomorrow.  Oh, and I teach this afternoon.  It’s my last meeting for the school year with my two little hyper boys and we’re going to trace their bodies and label the different body parts in Spanish.  Should be fun!