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To sleep or not to sleep… November 12, 2008

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I tend not to sleep well anyway.  I’ve always been an insomnic, and I’ve always had troubles falling asleep, but lately it’s gotten worse.  My hubby helps me make myself keep to a relatively normal schedule, which is good for me, but I still really struggle to sleep through the night. I think a large part of that right now is all the meds I’m on…

Anyway, sleep is a challenge right?  Last night was way worse than normal! Why? I was hooked up to a machine…  My lung doctor thinks I may have sleep apnea and that it could be affecting my asthma.  So we put a finger monitor on me, strapped the cord to my wrist so it didn’t come off during the night, and recorded my blood oxygen levels and heart rate.  We’ll see what they say!

The one thing that has come of the test for sure is that it’s proved I’m still having problems with my heart rate.  I’ve been on heart meds of a couple of months now, and while my heart rate lowered drastically for awhile, it seems to be creeping back up now.  I was lying in bed and my heart rate was 90 or higher! That’s not good…  So I’m assuming that the doctors will either up or change my meds.  We’ll find out soon.