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Randomness Anyone? August 8, 2008

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After my last extremely self-centered post I decided that I wanted to do a post I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  I have a bloggy friend who regularly does a blog post he calls “Linkie Goodness.” I always find these highly interesting as they are always a mix of the amusing, the serious, and at times the down right strange.  I also love that it’s a reflection of what he’s been viewing and reading.  Some of it I’m simply amazed at as I read about news articles that I never would have stumbled upon!  It’s also rather inspiring.   Been planning on imitating it for awhile now – so here goes!

*Note – none of these references is especially profound :P*

See – even cats like jewelry!

They even wear it on occasion!

This gal is a self-styled nomad.  Brave lady – interesting stories!

Gotta love these baby Moose 🙂

I’ve been addicted to this band lately:

Ironically – because its a totally different style – I’ve also been addicted to this band lately. Go figure:

This gals jewelry just blows my mind…

Like check out this piece...

What would links be without one about my recently most favorite authors?

I love this movie – too bad it’s not Gerard singing in this video 😦

Who me?  Love things Irish?  Your crazy 😛