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Sunshine and Flowers June 5, 2008

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Today was kinda cold…windy and therefore not as nice as it could have been…but I love the sun here! I’m soooo looking forward to the heat of summer. I know, I know, I’ll probably end up complaining about the heat at some point, but I’m still looking forward to it at the moment!

I took a couple of random pics today. The first two are from right outside our Student Union and Recreation Center.

Today was the last day of the Spanish class that I’ve been teaching. I’ve only had two boys, and only one of them made it today, but it was still fun! I really look forward to working with the organization more over the next year. Today’s final project was to have Paul stretch out on the floor, outline his body, and then Paul had to cut and paste the appropriate parts for the different body parts. This was the results.

Note: he put the labels where he wanted to! I didn’t object as long as they were in the right-ish place.

Note: I blacked out his face because I don’t post other pics of other people’s kids with out permission.

I’ve had a good day. Busy, but good. I’m still struggling with the effects from the steroids I’m on for my asthma, and I was very short of breath several times today, but I was able to keep going and get a lot done! I have a test in the morning, need to turn in a paper, and then this quarter is officially over! I’m sooo happy about that! Looking forward to a week and half off where I can work on jewelry, writing, and catching up on things without the slightest bit of “not doing my homework” guilt 😛