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Wall-E June 30, 2008

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Yesterday afternoon Mo and I were sitting in the dark Liberty theater, listening to the repetitive music they play before the previews, holding hands and utterly bored.  The Liberty theater is small, as is befitting our tiny little town.  The screen is placed high on the wall and is probably half the size of what we are used to from back home.  We both agreed it would be pretty horrible to sit in the very front rows at this theater since the screen was so high up.  They also have no “before the feature” programming.  It’s just that small of a theater.  Not even a power point presentation like I’ve seen in other theaters.

As we sat there Mo turned his head and whispered, “Is this our first date since the honeymoon?”

I thought about that for a minute. “Do you count going to Quiznos when we’re out running errands as a date?”


“Then yes.”

He just chuckled.  And I sat there laughing to myself at how pathetic we are.  Married six months and this is our first date.  We’re a pretty boring couple if you look at it that way.

On the other hand, we do plenty together that we don’t consider “dates.”  We regularly run errands together, eat together, curl up and watch tv together, we even go on walks together!  We just don’t really consider any of those dates 😛  So maybe we need to reconsider our concept of what a date is…  Either way, we do make plenty of time to be together.  If we’re both home, we tend to be in the same room.  Unless one of us is asleep and the other awake.  Of course, since Mo sleeps on the couch in the afternoons a lot, we still often end up in the same room!  This quarter, since we don’t see much of each other during the school week, we’re even worse when we’re actually together.  Joined at the hip as it were 😛

Some days its a trial to be newly married and in school.  When we’re both home and awake the last thing I want to do is my homework!  I think that’s the reason we often make sure we’re at least in the same room as each other.  That way, even if we’re both occupied, at least we’re together.

Ok, back to the movie 😛

I’m not going to give anything away, but I did really enjoy Wall-E!  I never knew I could get so attached to a cockroach…  Getting attached to the robot was no surprise, after all I love C3P0 and R2D2, but the cockroach was a surprise for me.  I thought they put some really interesting concepts into the movie and some great references to other movies!  What movies you ask?  Go watch the movie, and if you still don’t know, then I’ll tell you 😛


Saturday Morning Wanderings… June 28, 2008

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I know, I know, I’ve been a bit of a bad girl.  First I post up a massive and depressive post, and then I don’t write anything for a couple of days.  Well, in my defense, I was taking a break from the computer.  I’ve spent very little time sitting here typing away on Jack (yes, I named my lap top) in the last two days.

Thursday I devoted a lot of energy into just plain getting things done.  I wrote myself out this long list of things I wanted to get done, and I got most of them done!  The only one I didn’t get done will probably be tackled today, so that’s fine too 🙂  Sometimes I need to throw myself into work so that I can deal with my own emotions.  Coping mechanism?  Yes.  Healthy?  Well, more healthy than curling up with a book and whatever junk food I can find.  As one of my dear friends reminded me, sometimes throwing ourselves into something completely unrelated to whatever it is we’re dealing with emotionally allows our subconscious time to work through the emotions.

Friday I mostly just took off.  I slept in (yummy!) and then curled up next to my hubby on the couch to watch cartoons and comedy central.  This quarter in school we’re not getting to see much of each other during the school week because we’re either gone for classes or one or the other of us is asleep!  So every moment we have together awake is pretty precious.  At least this is only a 6 week quarter 🙂

I had planned on only taking the morning off, but I ended up battling another migraine, so I guess my body decided it wanted more time off!  It wasn’t a super bad one, but it messed up my vision and my tummy.  Oh well.

The one thing I did get done yesterday afternoon was a field trip out to a Wind Farm.  I’ll probably post more about that later after I’ve had a chance to download the pictures Moses took and look through them.  He went with me since I hadn’t been feeling well, and he entertained himself with the camera.  I’m kinda excited to see what pictures he came up with 🙂

Over all I’m doing much better than the last time I’ve posted.  I still haven’t heard anything from Peter…but I’m dealing with it better again.  There are good days and bad days, that was a bad day, this is a good day.  Also…Gordon isn’t going to have surgery!  At least right now.  It’s been postponed at the very least and there’s a possibility he might not need to have it at all.  😀  So I’m doing MUCH better on that front!

I could probably come up with more random things to write about…but why bore you when I have things I should be working on? 😛  Have a good weekend all 🙂


Migraines and busyness… June 7, 2008

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As a start to my “3 important things, 3 hours,” yesterday was a bust.  I had great plans!  I knew what I was going to work on and everything.  And then I had a migraine.  Lay me out in bed migraine.  Ugh.  Fortunately after lots of pain meds and sleep it did get better and my afternoon was much improved!  Unfortunately that meant I still didn’t work on my stuff because yesterday was shot day.  So I spent the afternoon in Yakima.  I had fun though 🙂

Not getting shots.  Shots are not fun.

No, I had fun listening to my mp3 player through the car stereo system, volume cranked, singing off-key at the top of my lungs!  I had fun shopping for bead stuff and other things I needed in general.  Yesterday was one of those shopping days where I actually found everything I was looking for. Believe me, for me, that’s rare. I am not one of those woman who automatically associates shopping with great joy.  I’m more inclined to pretend that I’m really excited about it, but deep down inside just want to cry in frustration because I know that that’s how I’m probably going to feel by the time it’s all said and done.  Yesterday was NOT one of those days 🙂

Personally I think the music helped 😛

The only one of my “3 Important Things” that I did any work on last night was the business stuff.  And, honestly, a lot of it was “honey fix it!”  Moses is a computer science geek and I was having major frustrations trying to get my new blog to look the way I wanted it to.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I now have two blogs!  From now on you’ll only hear casual references to my jewelry world in this blog because I have an entire blog devoted to that world.  Check it out at  and if your sick of hearing about my jewelry business…simply breath a sigh of relief and don’t check it out 😛

Now, I’m going to go be a good girl and spend some time writing.  Today I am determined to meet my “3 Important Things, 3 Hours” goal!