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So tired… November 14, 2008

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Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t more hours in the day – or at least why I don’t have more energy to fill the hours I am awake with…

But that’s ok 🙂 It means I never seem to run out of projects I want to work on! I have a nice long post brewing in my head but I haven’t had the time and energy at the same time to bring it to life yet.  Tomorrow hopefully 🙂

Today was a long day for two reasons.  One, I wasn’t breathing well at all yesterday so I’m run down from that, and then Gordon and I both had appointments at the natureopath in Beaverton, so that made for a long trip.  It was fun spending time with Gordon though 🙂  Plus I’ve started working with hemp recently and it makes for an easy project to work on in the car! Makes the drive seem shorter…

Spent some time with over at the parents house after our appointments.  Mo was at work.  Mom and I got to “cackle” as Dad likes to put it and work on crafty stuff.  My first scarf is 100% done finally! It’s been nearly done for a few weeks now >_>  Anyway, that was my first knitting project and tonight Mom started teaching me how to crochet.  I was really tired though so my hands were starting to shake and so I couldn’t work on it for very long.  Ah well.  I’ll be back over there tomorrow while Mo’s at work so I’ll work on it a bit some more 🙂 After I write! Because tonight I’m too brain dead to do justice to my nice long post that I have wandering around my brain…


Life goes on… September 25, 2008

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So life goes on.  That’s my day’s summary.


Ok, so I’ll type more than that 😛

Last night was a pretty bad night.  We were wondering for a bit if I was going to have to go to the ER.  But the good news is that I didn’t have too!  Since I was doing so bad Mom stayed home with me instead of going to church because we were all kind of worried about me.

The fun thing is that Mom and I used the time home just the two of us, hanging out, to start teaching me how to knit!  Yeah, I know, I have a million things I’m already doing, but I can’t really take beading with me when waiting in doctors offices can I?  Which is exactly what I did today when Mom and I went to the DSHS office.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished between watching Bones last night and sitting in the waiting room today:

I’m pretty excited about it!

Despite waking up with an asthma attack today, and battling through it all morning, I still got a lot done!  Mom and I went to DSHS and we have an appointment sent up for food stamps and all that.  It’s not until the 15th, but at least it’s set up.

I also have an appointment set up at the Vancouver Clinic.  Again, this one’s not until the 8th, but it’s vitally important right now to get me under the care of a local doctor.

Now for some fun stuff 🙂

My friend Lily put together this blog post and I thought it was really interesting!  It’s all about events in the month of October.

I’ve started a third blog!  What you say? Are you crazy? Simple answer: Yes. I decided I wanted to have a blog that features etsy finds – because I find so much cool stuff!  So here it is, Rose Works Jewelry’s Treasury Blog.

And, lastly, I think I’m going to NaNoWriNoMo this year!  For those of you who’ve never heard of it…a bunch of writers pledge to write at least 50,000 words during the month of November.  And we support each other while doing it 🙂  To get myself psyched up, I’m going to try to write 2,000 words a day for the next month on my book I’ve been working on.  Honestly, I’ll be happy if I at least write every day in the next month, but since 2,000 will be the goal once it’s NaNoWriNoMo, that’s my long-term goal 😛

Yesterday was day one of this new writing goal.  I only reached 1,000 words – but since I had a really bad night last night I can accept it 🙂  PLUS – I had a little fun and I added in the words from my three blogs and I wrote a total of 1,500 words between the book and the three blogs!   Not bad if I do say so myself…