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On the road again… August 14, 2008

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That’s right, I’m traveling again!  Ok, so it’s not like I went anywhere exotic, we just came home for a few days!  Home as in home town that is.

Side-note:  The word home can be really confusing.  I’ve made a home in Ellensburg with my husband and I do really consider that home.  I’m comfortable and I love it 🙂  On the other hand, I still consider Vancouver home, and I probably always will.  After all – I’ve spent the majority of my life here!  And my parents are here…  Then there is the confusion of “home” as in “place you sleep at night that your comfortable.”  While we’re both down here Mo and I are staying at his parents house.  Well, last night I was over at my parents house and I went to say good-night to my Mom and I said, “Well, I should be getting home…” and then stopped all confused!  It didn’t help that I was really tired…

Ok – back to the main blog:

Mo’s only down here for a couple of days.  His friends Frogg and Brandie are getting married tonight and that’s the main purpose of our visit.  He has to go back on Saturday.  I’m going to stay for a few more days, more time to visit with people, and then head back on the bus probably next Thursday.

We drove down yesterday and it was a busy day of packing and preperation, driving (which Mo did), dinner with our combined families, I went to visit Mel (who’s also home for a visit), over to my Mom’s house to see her new kitchen (which is awesome!), and then finally back here to crash.  I was soooo tired by the time I got back here!  I’m still rather tired and I have a headache -maybe I’ll get a nap this afternoon before the wedding.  We’ll see!