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HEROES September 23, 2008

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Don’t worry – no spoilers!  I’m a nice girl and if you DVR’d it last night or were planning on catching up on the show on-line, then I’m not going to spoil anything for you!  The CLOSEST you’ll get to a spoiler is the photo’s included in this blog, which aren’t anything you haven’t seen in on the ads and such anyway 😛

Yesterday was a really good day for me.  The first time in over a week that I’ve gone the whole day without using my inhaler!  That made me really happy.  Didn’t last through to today…but I can deal with that.

Since I was doing so good last night Gordon and I went over and watched the premier with Kat!  It was so much fun 🙂  It was the first time Gordon and Kat had a chance to meet.  I love Kat!  Poor Gordon though…Kat and I had this horrible time keeping out mouths shut and not giggling over things during the show.  He kept threatening to duct tape our mouth’s shut…

We had a ton of fun watching both the countdown to the premier and the two hour premier it’s self!  There were several things that completely caught me off guard, but I think that’s rather to be expected for Heroes now isn’t it?

The only sucky part is that I didn’t actually start watching this show until this summer, and this is the first time I’ll actually have to wait week to week to find out what’s going to happen!