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Rain, frustrations, and life… June 3, 2008

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Today has been a series of frustrations. I’ve been trying to do all sorts of different things today and I feel like I keep slamming into a wall! I was doing really good to begin with, and then I started having asthma problems. Very frustrating. Makes it hard to get things done!

Then, I’ve been really frustrated with my blog here, because my widgets and stuff were all down at the bottom and I couldn’t figure out why. I finally narrowed it down to the last blog I wrote, but I couldn’t figure out why it did that, so I ended up just deleting it. It served my purposes, catharsis, I got feedback from the one person I wanted it from, so I deleted it. Sadness though.

I’ve been trying to channel my frustration by working on stuff for selling jewelry. It’s a lot of work! I took part in a virtual lab this afternoon on etsy that was designed for newbies. It was both encouraging and discouraging…apparently jewelry is one of the hardest things to sell on etsy because of the competition level. But I’m going to keep plugging away 🙂 I’ve noticed I’m talking about that side of life a lot in this blog and I’m thinking about starting up a blog just related to the store, but we’ll see… for now I’ve got enough on my plate!

I’m trying really hard not to give in to my various frustrations, but some days are harder than others…

Oh, and it’s raining. Rain has always, in the past, been rather depressing to me. Now? It makes me homesick because we get so little of it around here!