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Without… June 16, 2008

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I read a book this weekend that I found really interesting. Ok, well, I read several books this weekend, but this one stuck out in me particular. It was a thriller all about codes and ciphers and such, a topic that’s always caught my fancy. I’ve read tons of books based on the subject, ok, basically they were fictional, but I’ve still read a lot based on the subject! And a few of them were actually non-fiction…

There were several things that interested me in this book. One of them was that I could sometimes decipher the messages that they did incorporate in the book. I’m usually pretty good with pattern recognition, and I had fun figuring out what I could! A lot of it was way beyond me, but I also figured out a bunch of it before they gave the answers.

Another thing that I was having fun with was that there were several languages represented in the book. Mainly English and Spanish, but there was also French, Latin, German, and a little Italian. I love languages! I had a ton of fun figuring out what I could before I read the translations. The Spanish was easy and there was only one phrase that I didn’t know…and didn’t bother to look up. I didn’t get any of the Latin (it was only one phrase), but I got a lot of the other 3 languages!

The one thing that I had the most fun with was that the two main characters, an engaged couple, left each other secret messages all the time. The man always signed his messages “With out Wax, David.” This drove the girl NUTS because she couldn’t figure out what it meant. It wasn’t anything she could break, no reference she understood, and she was a master cryptologist.

Why was that so fun? Because I knew exactly what it means! Do you?