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Good-bye Spring, Hello Summer! June 13, 2008

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My husband thinks I’m crazy.  The photo’s below are why.  That’s ok though!  I like being a little (or a lot) weird 😉  This is my tribute to the end of one season in my life, and the start of another.  Enjoy!

Spring – I started out with three classes, dropped one for a variety of reasons, and still worked my tail off all quarter!  This is photo is the end results of two classes, and ONLY two classes mind you…

And the sad part is that I realized after I took the pic that I forgot to include one of my books…  That’s ok, I was getting tired (I’ve been cleaning) and didn’t want to reassemble the already disassembled pile!  And I don’t know why the photo is blue either.  Mo fixed it before I took the next photo…

Summer – I have three classes this summer and I’m really looking forward to my creative writing class!  You’ll probably here a lot about that in the up coming months…  Here’s my books for the next quarter 🙂

Do you notice the difference in size?  Now, granted, I don’t have notebooks started yet for those classes, so I’m sure the pile will grow over the course of the summer!

I found this photo about a week ago in this blog and it made me grin so big!  I may not be a teacher yet, but I’m headed there!

I found this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip a loooong time ago.  I’m a big fan of C&H 🙂  The funny thing is that, when I originally found this, I had no plans whatsoever to become a teacher!  In fact I would vehemently protest that I would never be a teacher.  At that time I had a room mate who was a teacher, and she would occasionally use my computer, so I put this up as my desktop background, and got thoroughly berated.  😀  I was quite proud of myself…

Back to Spring thoughts, I’ve been taking a lot more pictures lately of just life in general, and this is my favorite spring shot that I took this year!

The one sad thing about summer this year is that I don’t foresee myself finding anyway to get to the beach 😦  I love the beach and Bethie and I usually end up there at least once a year.  But it’s harder to get to the beach when I have a 4 hour drive before I even get to my home town and Bethie…  And I have a jam-packed summer ahead of me.  So I suppose memories will have to suffice for now!

I do have some fun things planned for this summer though.  Including my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party!  Aren’t they cute?

I’m so dreaming of the sun right now…  I should take a walk later on, it looks beautiful outside and I need the exercise!  Who knows…maybe more photos will find their way on-line 😀