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Going on an ADVENTURE… July 16, 2008

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…Also known as “vacation.”  😛  That’s right folks, I’m taking off on a grand trip and will be gone for several days!  But don’t dispair – I have big PLANS for my blogging world!

But first – a rough overview of the trip:

Thursday – 4:50 am – bus departs for Vancouver via Seattle

Thursday – 11:15/11:30am – arrive in Vancouver

Pick up Mom’s car from Airport

Go home and nap.

Wake up – shower – not sure from there.  Depends on energy and what not.

Thursday – Evening – a trip to Kell’s (Irish pub) with my PSS, our dear brother, and my evil twin!

Thursday – Night – Crash at my evil twin’s place so its easier for her to drive me to the airport in the morning.

Friday morning – Fly out to LA, arrive in LA, Head for my Grandparents house.

Friday Day – This is a mystery to me!  I don’t know what anyone has planned and I plan to just go with the flow.  I do know its my brothers b-day and I’m hoping that we get to spend some one on one time in there somewhere.  Maybe borrow a car and ditch the family for an hour or two?  Who knows.

Saturday – Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary – sadly I have no clue what time it’s at (bad Ruthie!) but that’s the plans for Saturday!  I know we’re going to fancy restaurant and I’m really looking forward to seeing the family!

Sunday – Fly to Seattle, take the city bus to Greyhound – take the Greyhound to Ellensburg.

Sunday night – CRASH

Monday – Start finals week >_>

See why I’m calling this an adventure?  It’s going to be a jam-packed couple of days!

So here’s my plan.  I’m bringing my camera along with me and I plan on taking as many pictures as I possibly can!  I’m also going to take a notebook and do a “pre-blog” in there.  Making random notes of the sequence of events – interesting things – and comments about photos I’m taking.  Depending on whether I end up with any down time I MIGHT get one of the trip blogs up while I’m actually on the trip – but don’t count on it.  It’ll be finals week when I come back – so it might take a wee bit to get caught up blogging wise – but I do plan to blog about my trip and include lots of pretty photos!  Keep in touch while I’m gone 🙂  Whether I blog or not likelihood is I’ll get on to check e-mail and messages.

Love you all! ❤