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Happy November Everyone! November 1, 2008

Filed under: Life As It Is — jedimarri @ 11:18 am

Yesterday was a fun day! I actually got to DO some things! Mom and I went out running errands and shopping and stuff. It was good to spend time with Mom and chit-chat 🙂

Last night I got to go to a party! It’s the first “party” type thing I’ve gotten to do since I came home 😀 It was at Cassie’s apartment and Cassie, Andrew, La, Ri, Ruth, Mo, and myself were there. Nice and cozy. Nice and fun 🙂 They had pizza – I had some nummy clam chowder that La made me – and we watched Van Helsing. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, and it was fun to watch again! Especially since I’ve been on a vampire show/movies kick lately.

Moses is off starting his new job this morning. The poor boy didn’t manage to sleep at all last night! I don’t know know if it was just because he was nervous or what, but he tossed and turned all night, and so he was real grumpy and nervous this morning.  Poor guy.

I’m hoping to get to see Anna this morning. I haven’t seen her since my wedding – so I’m really excited about that! We’re going to try and go see Amy and Erik and their new baby too – I haven’t seen them in awhile either – and I haven’t seen the baby yet! Lots of fun times 🙂


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